COOKE Fire Pit Glass Wind Screen Clamp Set of 8 for 1/2″ Thick Glass




Clamps w/ Rubber Feet

Product Description

These 90-degree angle corner clamps are designed for four-sided glass wind screens made with 1/2″ thick tempered glass. Made from rust-free chrome-anodized aluminum, these give a fantastic finished look to your gas fire pit’s glass wind screen. Set of 8.

We give you the option to add Rubber Feet to the bottom (4) clamps. This helps with drainage, ventilation, and raises the panel off the table top. This helps the windscreen on rough stone or uneven fire pits.

  • Set of (8) Clamps
  • Optional rubber feet on the (4) bottom clamps
  • 90-degree angle corner clamps for four-sided glass wind screens
  • Uses tempered glass for fire pit glass wind guards
  • Rust-free chrome-anodized aluminum for a fantastic look
  • Works with 1/2″ tempered glass
  • Set of 8 Clamps


  • Weight: 2 lb
  • Condition: New
  • Is on Houzz: 1
  • Is on Google: 1
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: E212A
  • Supplier: dci

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